2021 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

On August 6th

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition,the 4-day event, came to an end

LTECH booth attracted huge crowds and gained high popularity

A large number of people across the country have come

Which indicates that LTECH brand has a great impact on the industry

LTECH’s exhibition stand

LTECH booth gained high popularity

Don’t feel regret if you haven’t come to the exhibition

We have brought you a review of the highlights that LTECH shown at the exhibition

Let you easily get them

Extremely popular and bustling

First of all, let’s watch a video to feel the high popularity of LTECH booth

This year our booth was in a very favorable position

Hall 9.2 in the Smart-health Crossover Demonstration Pavilion

Where leading companies all gathered together

Such as NVC, Tuya, Luminus and LTECH

Our booth number is Hall 9.2,B02- the first booth at the main entrance

The exhibition was so popular

Alighting Award

At the 26th Alighting Award Ceremony

LTECH once again won the Alighting Award of the 26 Guangzhou International Lighting

Exhibition -the “Drive and Control”in the list of top 100 intelligent enterprises

Alighting Award Ceremony

Certificate of Awards

New products made their debut and has drawn wide attention

At the exhibition this year

We displayed the new products, new technologies that we have developed

And brought the whole house smart home solutions to customers.

Besides,microwave motion sensor series and other new items were launched

Which has attracted wide attention from the industry

LTECH Microwave Motion Sensor

LTECH DALI Microwave Radar Sensor

LTECH Ceiling Type Microwave Motion Sensor

Using microwave sensing technology,

LTECH microwave motion sensor can trigger the lights to switch on when human movements are detected

And the lights will be switched off after people leave

What’s more, it can detect the minute movements caused by breathing and heart beats when people are in the stationary state

In a real sense,it achieves true human presence detection

It can also achieve the linkage with other smart devices at the same time

By working with luminaires, trigger the scenes and improve lighting efficiency as well

Light up your smart life with LTECH smart home items

LTECH whole house smart home control system was launched at the exhibition

With the Super Panel at its core

The control system mainly focus on smart lighting control

But most other smart devices can be seamlessly connected

The philosophy of “Create a Healthy and Comfortable Lighting Environment” is integrated into LTEHC smart home and propels the intelligent upgrade of traditional lighting.

LTECH whole house smart home item wall displays

LTECH Super Panel display

The display boards on the island exhibition stands for product experience was even more appealing

Visitors couldn't help controlling our products

Which impressed them

On-site experiences of LTECH Whole House Smart Home Series Products

Display area with the most complete items in different protocols

Various series of intelligent LED drivers were on display

Diverse types, unique appearance and exquisite details

Attracted a large number of visitors to come to our booth

LTECH intelligent LED driver serie

Intelligent LED driver display area

Ultra-small Bluetooth intelligent LED driver

LTECH ultra-small Bluetooth intelligent LED driver

Simple and exquisite appearance- ultra-small, ultra-thin, ultra-light

Worldwide certification- applicable to most regions of the world

It uses T-PWM super depth dimming technology that LTECH pioneered

With LTECH T-PWM super depth dimming technology

The driver can dim the lights down to 0.01% without flicker in the whole dimming process and achieve the high frequency exemption level

Comfortable and soft lighting delivers you a perfect visual experience

Wide voltage output can work with different power lamps

It uses rubycon capacitor and has 5-year warranty

Displaying lighting effects of LTECH Bluetooth intelligent LED drivers

LTECH Bluetooth intelligent LED drivers

Adopt Bluetooth 5.0SIG Mesh technology

That can cover a wide range of signal and make it more stable

And there is no output delay

Well-attended Super Space experience area

LTECH Super Space experience area

Attracted massive crowds of people who queued up to visit

We set up a living room, a dining room and a small garden in the Super Space

Various scenes can be executed through LTECH whole house smart system

Such as, leaving home, waking up, romance, daylight simulation and many other scenes


In the Super Space,users can fully experience whole house intelligence on the spot.

Highlights in LTECH Super Space

On-site experiences in the Super Space

When you come home from work

Turn on the home mode with one tap

The lights will gradually brighten, the curtains will slightly open, and the TV will be turned on

Easy and fast

Home scene in the Super Space

The moments of dinner

Set an exclusive scene

Create an cosy ambience by adjusting color temperature to be warmer and playing some romantic music

A really good ritual before having dinner

Dinner scene in the Super Space

When you're about to watch a movie

Create the ambience of the cinema

Close the curtains, turn off the lights and start your movie

Enjoy the moments of fun

Movie scene in the Super Space

Lighting mimicked the sunrise to create healthy and intelligent lighting environments

Lighting mimicked the sunrise in the small garden

Through the use of LTECH Tunable White LED controllers adjusted the color temperature and brightness levels of lights.

Followed the natural sleep/wake cycles of the human body to automatically simulate the intensity of light during a day.

Provided a great combination of dim levels and color temperature to create a healthy and intelligent lighting environment.

Video of sunlight simulation in the smart garden

On-site signing was going on

LTECH has developed an overall plan for the development of whole house smart home in China

On-site signing in our booth was going on

Up to now

LTECH has successfully carried out the initial plan

Regional distributors for LTECH whole house smart home has covered Beijing,Guangzhou,Chengdu and other hottest cities in China.

Delivered a keynote speech at the forum

On its very first day of the exhibition

Intelligence -lighting Crossover Forums were held

Mr. Long Haiqi, LTECH Marketing Director of Smart Home Division, was invited to attend the forum

Discussed with industry professionals together on the the integration and development of the industry and sought new opportunities together.

Intelligence -lighting Crossover Forums

Mr. Long Haiqi said that

Smart home must be a living environment for a family that is composed of a system.

LTECH manages audio-visual devices, environments and intelligent lighting through the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, network communication and other technologies to build a mature industrial chain structure of smart home and consequently to create a convenient, comfortable and healthy home environment.

Lighting professionals have come and we received a lot of compliments

eLicht Professional Exhibition Visitor Group

Exhibition Visitor Group From Da Zhaoming (A magazine about lighting)

Came to LTECH booth and shown their support

eLicht Professional Exhibition Visitor Group visited LTECH booth

Exhibition Visitor Group From Da Zhaoming visited LTECH booth

So many lighting professionals visited LTECH booth

Exhibition-famous space- LTECH magic space

If you want to take some cool pictures

LTECH magic space was a great option

LTECH set up 3D abyss floor tile mirror stage floor lamp in the magic space

And made it become a popular place at the exhibition

Visitors scrambled for visiting our booth

Which have received high popularity

Picture of people visiting the magic space

Picture collection of people visiting the magic space


With “Products+ Solutions+ Services”

LTECH whole house smart home has made public

Relying on industry-leading advantages of smart lighting technology

Build a whole house smart home system

LTECH has become an important force in the smart home industry.


LTECH will commit to becoming

The leading brand of global smart lighting solutions

And will contribute to the development of smart lighting in China and even the world

Group photo of LTECH on-site staff

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2021 came to an successful end

See you at the exhibition in 2022